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The Coil Stand holds more than one coil of wire for trouble-free dispensing.

Pull coils as easily as reels

The Coil Stand dispense wire from coils as quickly and trouble-free as pulling from a reel. The patent pending design of the spinning guide reduces snags and keeps the wire from tangling when pulled. A Separateor Wheel sits in between the coils to prevent tangles and enables you to load different types of wire so you can do the job faster.

Mix & Match Coils

The removable Spinning Tray will hold any coil with a 7" opening (250' coil). Stack both 14/2 and 14/3 wire on the same Tray and pull what you need. You can load electrical wire, phone line and coaxial cable on a single Coil Stand; then pull what you need. The rubber feet stand fast on finished floors, plywood or concrete.

Fast loading and changing

Simply remove the Separator Wheel and place the first coil on the bottom of the Spinning Tray, place the Separator Wheel on the first coil and then place the second coil on the Tray and use the locking thumb screws to lock the Wheel in place.



Stock number 6010-001. Four per case, case weight 32 lbs.
UPS: 7 1254061001 3
14.5" W x 18.75D x 13.5"H
Weight 7.6 lbs each


The Spinning Tray can also be removed from the Stand and pulled like a factory reel on our StudWinder dispenser and the Mobile Reel Rack.

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