Cord Clip

Keep Dangling Cords Out of Reach!

Window blind cords are often overlooked, yet they can be one of the most dangerous household safety hazards for infants, toddlers and even pets. The CORD CLIP keeps the cords safely out of your child's reach.

The CORD CLIP attaches to any window to work with almost every corded window covering. The CORD CLIP installs in seconds without any tools or screws. Simply wrap the cord until the cord is out of reach, and press the suction cups against the window for a secure hold.

Unlike other “cord wind-ups” the CORD CLIP is a solid molded plastic piece that will not split or come apart when pulled upon. The double spool also alllows for use with window coverings with multiple, extra long and even thicker cords.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), approximately 200 infants and young children have died since 1990 as a result of accidental strangulation in window cords. Dangling cords can be a tempting toy, and children or pets can easily become tangled in them. Using the CORD CLIP, cords can be wound up and put out of reach.


  • Works on all Windows

  • Stores the excess cord out of reach

  • Installs Easily. No Tools Needed!

  • Perfect for Homeowners or Renters

Keep window blind cords out of reach from children and pets with the CORD CLIP.

  • Cord Clip 1
    No Tools Required
  • Corp Clip 3
    Wrapping the cord
  • Cord Clip 4
    Cord Clip Installed on Blind
  • Cord Clip 5
    Cord Clip Installed on Window
  • Cord Clip 6
    Cord Clip Installed on Window


Brochure (PDF)



Suction cups attach directly to the window



Retail Pack: 4 Pieces (Clamshell)

Retail Dimensions:
7"H x 4.75"W x 1.5"D

Made in the USA



Cord Clip 4 Pack

Price: $9.95 per pack