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conprod snobrumSnoBrum is a handy tool designed to quickly sweep snow off a vehicle and away from the user without harming the vehicle's finish. 





safcov cordconnectThe Cord Connect locks power cords and extension cords together and provides a watertight housing for the electrical connection, eliminating disruptive disconnects.


safcov safcordSAFCORD eliminates tripping hazards by securing electrical cords on looped or Berber carpet.





comprod snoproThe SNO PRO is a commercial quality snow rake that quickly removes snow from vehicles without harming the paint or damaging accessories.


comprod proedgeThe PROEdge snow rake is taking the market by storm! The PROEdge features a narrow squeegee-like edge around the entire head to contour to the vehicle's surface.


comprod ucoverThe U-Cover universal hand hole cover adapts to any round light pole to provide a secure, vandal-proof and reusable hand hole cover.


comprod deckdemonThe Deck Demon is designed to quickly remove any type of decking materials as well as any fasteners left behind. The most efficient and effective tool to remove decking materials!





spooltools studwinderThe Stud Winder - The cable dispenser that provides a simple method to support reels for trouble-free dispensing.


spooltools coilstandCoil Stand - The Coil Stand holds more than one coil of wire for trouble-free dispensing.


spooltools reelstandReel Stand - The Reel Stand holds a 1,000 foot reel of 10/2 or three reels of THHN wire that are five inches wide for easy dispensing.


spooltools groundroddriverGround Rod Driver - Quickly drives Ground Rods at job sites and pulls them for repositioning if needed

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