Clear the Way for Sales — The SnoPro broom enables dealerships to clear hundreds of vehicles completely, quickly and without scratching paint or damaging accessories

Managers cringe at the thought of a snowstorm. They lose valuable selling time during and after a storm while vehicles are hidden beneath a blanket of snow. These managers know how important it is to uncover vehicles to meet sales goals.

  • Weighs less than half the weight of brooms

  • Non-abrasive foam head that will not harm paint

  • Commercial quality made of industrial grade polyethylene foam that endures harsh conditions and hundreds of vehicle clearings

  • Sturdy, four-foot handle for durability and maximum reach on full size vehicles

  • Approved for use on Class A finishes and received the highest ratings possible from an independent testing lab for non-abrasiveness, freeze resistance and durability

  • SnoPro 1
  • SnoPro 2
  • SnoPro 3


Brochure (PDF)

Used By

Auto Dealers

Municipal Agencies

Utility Company Fleets

Park 'n Fly Lots

Valet Services


Polyethylene Foam
5.75” X 17”
8 ounces


Vinyl-coated, rolled steel handle with die cast metal threads
48” long
12 ounces